All  April AND May STRONG AND Zumba classes

All April AND May STRONG AND Zumba classes

This purchase gives you access to all STRONG and Zumba classes that we are running during April AND May AND you get a Nutritonal advice by our very own Hannah Curr Nutrition. 


The document you will receive will provide you with the necessary access codes and passcodes. The nutritional information will be forwarded to you in a seperate email. 


The programme has been made possible with support from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland and DQDT.


Please note: We will deliver up to 28 classes during the month of April and May.  Tthere is no class on the 5th of May. If for unavoidable reasons we have to cancel any other classes, we guarantee we will return payments equal to the standard charge for a single class so that you will alway be saving money having purchased the advance ticket. There are no live clases planned for the final week of May due to other comitments. We will however provide pre-recorded classes for that week. 



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