Full Zumba Dance Class 1

Full Zumba Dance Class 1

Get ready to dance in your own tiome in your own space with our pre-recorded dance class. Check the short clip on this page which will provide you with an overview of the dances we offer as part of this pre-recorded class:


Once you purchase this class you will recieve a link to download a document. In this document you will recieve a private link to the class. The class is a 45 minute dance class with 10 songs and 2 cool downs. 


Don't Start Now


Don't Call Me Up

Dance Monkey

Con Calma

What do You Mean


Teke Teke


Stupid Love 


Cool Downs



Please ensure you have a clear space to dance and you are wearing suitable clothing and footwear. If you have any health conditions please ensure you  consult your Doctor before undertaking our dance classes if you are unsure. 


Take the class at your own pace and stop when you need to. As this class is a pre-recorded individuals must take personal responsibility for participating in the activities.


We are continuously exploring the best way of delivering classes and if you have any feedback please do let us know.